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Google SEO Single Page Search Results A Possibilty

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In the last two weeks Google released the full international release of Panda for most languages.  Google has been testing infinite scroll in the web results (similair format as used in Google image search).  Google is also testing scrolling panes and columns in the search results.  Google Images are now more relevant and better at sourcing original image.  Bing added Yahoo data to Webmaster Tools so your numbers may appear higher.  Google + results are in the web search results.  Google Sitelinks are huge.  Google changed sitelink management in webmaster tools.

If Google moves to this kind of user experience, which it very well could, given that it’s already in place on Image Search, it could be good news for sites that rank beyond the first page of search results. Most people probably don’t click through to very many second, third (and beyond) pages when they’re searching. At least not most of the time. They may, however, be more inclined to do a little more scrolling. Granted, they may have to click to show more results (as seen in the video).

It’s a pretty nice user experience in my opinion. They don’t make you click at all though. It’s more like scrolling through your Facebook News Feed or Twitter timeline (both of which are pretty popular activities).

Google is always talking about improving the user experience, and I think this would do just that. Another reason why I believe they may end up going forward with this is the speed factor. Google has been all about speeding things up lately. The most notable examples of this include the launches of Google Instant and Instant Pages, which loads the result Google thinks you’re going to click on before you actually click on it.

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August 24, 2011 at 4:31 pm

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